Board of Trustees’ Meeting (March 2016)

First row (L-R): Dr. KapiChing, Dr. Karolina AugustienKaunang, Dr. Samuel Ngun Ling, Dr. Joyce Abugan (Secretary), Dr. ChuleepranSrisoontorn (Treasurer), Mrs. Sheila A. Tipon (Admin Assistant to the ED and Recording Secretary). Second row (L-R): Dr. Ezra Kok (ATU Associate Dean), Dr. H.S. Wilson (FTESEA Executive Director), Dr. JoasAdiprasetya (Asst. Treasurer), Dr. LimuelEquina (Executive Director) and Dr. NgoeiFoongNghian (Chairperson).

Board meets in UCCP Shalom Center

The ATESEA Board met on March 17 to 18, 2016 at the UCCP Shalom Christian Guest House, Manila, Philippines. Important issues on the future programs of the association for the next three (3) years, the preparation for the General Assembly in 2017, the new management of Asia Journal of Theology, and the accreditation visit reports were tackled. The Board approved that the 2017 General Assembly meeting will be held in Central Philippine University, Iloilo City, Philippines on March 20 (arrival) until 23 (departure).

The Board reviewed and acted on the recommendations of the accreditation teams that evaluated the degree programs of the following schools in Myanmar:

1. Asho Chin Theological Seminary
2. Bethel Theological Seminary
3. Chin Christian College
4. Chin Christian Institute of Theology
5. Holy Cross Theological College
6. Kachin Theological College
7. Karen Baptist Theological Seminary
8. KoThaByu Theological Seminary
9. Lahu Theological Seminary
10. Lisu Theological Seminary
11. Myanmar Institute of Christian Theology
12. Myanmar Institute of Theology
13. Myanmar Theological College
14. PwoKayin Theological Seminary
15. Shan State Baptist Theological Seminary
16. Tahan Theological College
17. Tedim Theological College

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