Research, Publication and Writings

Research, Publication & Writing are important components of education which reflect the quality of the institution and its public impact. Under this thrust, the Association offers the following programs:

Asia Journal of Theology is a joint publication of ATESEA and the Board of Theological Education of the Senate of Serampore College (University). As a peer-reviewed journal, AJT is published biannually in April and October with the aims of
a. encouraging Asian biblical scholarship and theological thinking;
b. relating the Gospel to the cultural, historical and religious situations in Asia; and,
c. studying problems related to the teaching of theology and aims of theological education in Asia.

2. Textbooks

The publication of theological textbooks resources aims to encourage theological writers to share their knowledge on various areas of disciplines and meet the scarcity of Asian resources that meet the needs of students and scholars that promote knowledge and thoughts about the Asian contexts.

3. Writers’ Workshop / Academic Conference

Theological Schools in Asia lack resources for books/research written in the Asian context. The program aims to:
a. increase knowledge and skills in writing academic papers; 
b. encourage faculty to publish academic pursue academic writing that will focus on matters related to the Asian contexts; and
c. produces a number of local theological resources needed by the students, faculty, and churches that will increase the awareness of Asian wisdom and thoughts.