Library, Information and Networking

Librarians of the theological schools are given opportunities for professional development through the following programs:

1. Conference for Librarians

The Conference for Theological Librarians is for the professional enrichment of the librarians in managing the library resources of the seminaries including organizing information resources and implementing standardization of access and retrieval of library collection, skills in organizing, preserving, and conserving of Asian resources, and skills in the use of information technology in library resources effectively. 

2. Scholarship for the Master in Library and Information Science with Specialization in Theological Librarianship (MLIS in TL)

The scholarship program is conducted at Central Philippine University (CPU) in Iloilo City, Philippines, designed to provide continuing education to librarians of theological schools in Asia who are not professionally trained. With the increased competency in librarianship skills, scholars, schools/institution will become more equipped to provide updated learning resources to the faculty, students, and other stakeholders of the schools. 

3. Open Access to e-Library (GDTL)

Through this open access platform, ATESEA will provide students and faculty with access to quality online resources for their research, classes, and dissertations. This open access will also assist the schools in their efforts to establish distance education and flexible learning as educational modality. 

Click the link to access GDTL :