Faculty Development

ATESEA member schools have yet to standardize the qualifications of the teaching staff and improve the instructions and quality of the degree programs through the following programs:

As a continuing education program, the Academy is a venue for faculty members to update their knowledge and skills on the courses they teach.

At the end of the Academy, participants will be able to:

a. have an increased knowledge on current development or trends in their areas of expertise;
b. be more updated on teaching tools and methodologies;
c. identify the strategies for demonstrating classroom assessment, and student learning; and,
d. widen the circle of fellowship and network of colleagues.

2. Methodology Seminar

This is a two-week intensive study of the Guidelines for Doing Theologies in Asia as a framework for the doctoral study program under ATU. It is designed to instill upon the student the importance of contextualization and the value of networking. It also provides an opportunity for the students to share the output of their study in   the colloquia. This is done regionally but organized centrally by the ATU Dean.

3. Doctoral Colloquium

The Doctoral Colloquium provides the venue for the students to evaluate the content and direction of their dissertation by receiving more output or feedback from professors and fellow students in an Asian-wide context.

This is also the place where they can establish their network and strengthen the future leadership and academic programs of the theological schools in Asia.

4. Doctoral Scholarship Program

Graduates of this program will:

a. serve as faculty of their respective seminaries;
b. strengthen the faculty force of the seminary including the quality of teaching; and,
c. integrate contextualization and the guidelines for doing theologies learned in their courses and teaching methodologies.

The students will conduct their study program in the ATESEA’s 12 Centers for Theological Excellence under the supervision of highly qualified faculty members.

5. Sabbatical and Short-Term Research Projects

This short-term research is offered to faculty members of theological schools with the aims of strengthening the research quality of the faculty members and encouraging faculty to publish their research works in academic journals. 

6. Center of Research (CORE): Christian Education Seminar

The seminar helps the participants increase their level of knowledge in the area of discipline, develop their level of competency in teaching methodology and learning assessment, and enrich their curriculum in Christian Education that is contextually relevant to the churches and society.