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Rev. Dr. Sian Ngillo Lian

Rev. Dr. Sian Ngillo Lian

Rev. Dr. Sian Ngillo Lian was conferred the degree of Doctor of Theology on March 11, 2017. His dissertation is entitled, “The Christian Response to the Buddhist Concept of Karuna (Compassion) for the People in Myanmar.”

He recognizes that being in a consortium like ATU is a privilege to engage with various lecturers from different seminaries. Having instructors with varying principles and concepts provided him with ideas on how to bring the good news to diverse people and apply new teaching methods. His doctoral studies at the Myanmar Institute of Theology, through the ATU, opened his heart to the need to seek peace and harmony among the religions in Myanmar. He believes that religious dialogues, especially among Buddhists and Christians, will make the teachings of Jesus Christ real in the lives of the people in Myanmar. The goal of these dialogues is to lead to the establishment of religious peace and harmony to solve religious enmity that continually causes socio-political conflict in many communities in Myanmar.

He testifies, “I praise God for my academic success as there will be no possible means for me to do this doctoral study program without His agreement. In spite of the different barriers in my studies, God opened and provided the means and ability to face such difficulties.”

Rev. Dr. Sian is an ordained minister of Tedim Baptist Convention (formerly called Tedim Baptist Association). He completed his Bachelor of Theology degree in Chin Christian Institute of Theology (formerly called Zomi Theological College) in 1988, and Master of Divinity at the Myanmar Institute of Theology in 1993. He earned his Master of Theology degree at the Union Theological Seminary, Philippines under the Southeast Asia Graduate School of Theology (SEAGST) program on March 23, 2002.