You are currently viewing 11  Doctoral students participate in Online Colloquium

11 Doctoral students participate in Online Colloquium

11  Doctoral students participate in Online Colloquium

Eleven (11) doctoral students presented their research work in the Online Colloquium for the doctoral students held on August 2-3, 2021. This program has brought together these doctoral students from Asia to:

  1. share the progress of their dissertation;
  2. identify the areas in their thesis that need improvement; and
  3. strengthen the relationship among their fellow students and scholars.

Other doctoral students from other ATESEA member schools in the region were also encouraged to join so that they also could engage in the discussion, share their research work, and fellowship with other students online.

The following were invited as lecturers:

  1. Professor Simon Kwan, Chung Chi College, Hong Kong : “Decolonizing Interfaith Spiritual Care for a Non-Christian World”
  2. Dr. Lester Edwin Ruiz, Director of Accreditation and Global Engagement, The Association of Theological Schools in the US and Canada: “Leadership, Transformation and the Future (s) of Theological Scholarship.”

Through this Colloquium, the students realized that they share common struggles and challenges with other doctoral students in other regions. Resilience and persistence were deemed as important values they need to adhere to as they aim to finish their paper. The students also expressed gratitude towards their commentators and lecturers as they provided new fresh ideas and encouragements in their academic journey. The keen observations and critique of the commentators who were experts in their respective fields motivated the students to make the necessary revisions in their papers.