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Letter to Member Schools in Myanmar

Letter to the Member Schools in Myanmar

March 20, 2021

To: All ATESEA Member Schools in Myanmar
Re: Letter of Support

Dear Colleagues,

As we witness the current development in your country, we see how you have demonstrated your courage to face the dangerous and complex conditions you are in.

The unstable situation has no doubt caused in us a deep concern for your security and the welfare of the seminary. However, we admire your efforts in seeking creative ways to fulfill your commitment to the students and the churches in this extra ordinary period. We are confident that you will succeed in your determination to achieve the goals of your institution.

As we celebrate the Lenten Season, our thoughts lead us to the crucified God. He did not only suffer for us, but has remained one with us in our own sufferings. Our faith in God’s presence through our resurrected Christ is what is keeping our hope alive for the coming of a new and better day.

Rest assured that you remain in our thoughts and prayers during these difficult moments of your experience.

As humble gestures of support, the Board of Trustees made the following decisions during its recent meeting:

1. to postpone the Accreditation Visit to Myanmar this year to 2022; and
2. to waive the payment of your annual membership fee for 2021.

May the good Lord be with you and protect you as you faithfully serve your respective schools and churches.

Sincerely yours,

(Sgd.) Limuel Equina, PhD