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Dr. Lily Apura

Dr. Lily Apura

Dr. Lily Apura was conferred the degree Doctor of Theology on March 18, 2017 in Silliman University, Dumaguete City, Philippines. Her dissertation is entitled “Recovering a Resistance Text: A Contextual and Hermeneutical Examination of Joshua 1:1-9.” As an ATU scholarship recipient, she expresses her academic journey as follows:

“A Filipino woman, of protestant parentage, studying in an American missionary established school, speak volumes of my context as a theologian.

As a theologian, I want to take root in the life and thought of the Filipino people and land. Still, how can I but also aspire to be at par with our Western counterparts? Schooled in the use of the master’s tools so to speak? At least I know where I stand, my feet firmly grounded in my context, and my thoughts grappling with realities in the larger world dominated by the West, and above it all the divine reality. Doctoral studies in theology are fundamentally schooling in reading, reflecting, and writing. The process that one necessarily has to go through instills the discipline of reflection, articulation, and scholarly rigor.  At some point it becomes a part of one’s being, not an imposed discipline. But spiritual discipline is a part of it too, for taking part in knowledge production brings a special feeling of satisfaction akin to the intimacy of prayer. For come to think of it, theology after all, is a study of God. And if God is real, then the study of God necessarily brings a person closer to God and God’s word, on my part God’s word in the Old Testament. And if God is the essence of what is beautiful, good, and true, then the study of theology is its pursuit. To have even just a glimpse of what is true and good is enough to make a person fall in love with it, again and again. It becomes a life’s passion.  Needless to say, my doctoral studies brought me to face up to my ultimate reality. I am a better Filipino Christian because of it. I could only thank ATU and Silliman University for the privilege.”

Dr. Apura is a graduate of Bachelor of Theology in Central Philippine University (with majors in Christian Education and Pastoral Care). She earned her Master of Theology in the South East Asia Graduate School of Theology with specialization in the Old Testament and Asian Religions. Currently she is a faculty at the Silliman University Divinity School.