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Conference for Theological Librarians

Conference for Theological Librarians

ATESEA will hold a Conference for Theological Librarians on 5-8 June 2016 at the Bangkok Christian Guest House in Thailand.

Since many of our theological librarians do not have the opportunity to be updated on the current trends and developments in library science, ATESEA will provide this opportunity for them based on the following expected outcome and goals:

Conference Outcome:  Enhanced knowledge and skills of Theology librarians.

Goals: By the end of the conference, participants will be able to:

1. discuss the current development and issues in theological librarianship;
2. apply the knowledge acquired from the conference in the practice of their profession;
3. conduct an echo seminar to widen the scope of positive changes in the library department and institution; and
4. establish networking among the participants for continuing sharing of knowledge and concerns in library education.

REGISTRATION FEE: USD 100 to cover food, lodging and other expenses of the program

TRAVEL SUBSIDIES: Subsidies are available for those who apply.

TOTAL NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS: Maximum of thirty (30).

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