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Board of Trustees’ Meeting (September 2014)

Board of Trustees’ Meeting (September 2014)

From L-R: Dr. Limuel Equina (Executive Director); Dr. Ngoei Foong Nghian (Chairperson); Dr.. H.S. Wilson (Executive Director, FTESEA); Dr. Joyce Abugan (Secretary); Dr. Simon Chow (Vice Chairperson);  Dr. Samuel Ngun Ling (Member); Dr. Kapi Mingsheng Ching (Member); Dr. Ezra Kok (Treasurer); Dr. Srisoontorn Chuleepran (Member); Dr. Karolina Augustien Kaunang (Member); Dr. Joas Adiprasetya (Member)

The ATESEA Board of Trustees met on September 3 to 6, 2014 in Bangkok, Thailand to discuss the results of accreditation visit and other relevant issues.  The Board:

1. Reviewed and acted on the reports and recommendations submitted by the accreditation teams that conducted the comprehensive evaluation of the two member schools in Singapore and 16 member schools in the Philippines;

2. Received and reviewed the reports submitted by the FTESEA-ATESEA teams that visited the 12 Centers of Theological Excellence. The purpose of the visit was to discuss with the representatives and board members of the centers on how FTESEA and ATESEA could help strengthen the doctoral program in each center;

3. Decided to look for a part-time Associate Dean of the ATESEA Theological Union to assist the Executive Director in supervising the doctoral program under the ATESEA Theological Union;

4. Approved the hiring of Mrs. Anietessie Palmes as part-time staff to assist the Executive Director in the day to day operation of the office for programs such as accreditation and conferences, including the maintenance of the ATESEA website;

5. Decided that the membership of the schools that were not able to pay their annual dues will be listed as “inactive members” and will not be invited to the General Assembly unless they pay their outstanding membership dues, which will be backdated; and,

6. Accepted the report on remaining programs for 2014 and upcoming programs  for 2015.

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