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Board of Trustees’ Meeting (March 2015)

Board of Trustees’ Meeting (March 2015)

The Board met on March 28-29, 2015 in the UCCP Shalom Center and discussed concerns on membership, leadership, finances, and program development. The following were the major resolutions approved by the Board of Trustees:

1. Application of the following schools as associate members of the ATESEA:

1.1 Aletheia Theological Seminary in Indonesia
1.2 Ming Hua Theological College in Hong Kong
1.3 Intention of Nanjing Union Theological Seminary (NJUTS) to apply for membership

2. Listing of the ATESEA member schools in alphabetical order, with the complete address of each school. This information will be made available in the website for public browsing;

3. Opening the ATU Methodology Seminar to non-ATU DTheol students with the following provision:

3.1 Slots are still available
3.2 50% of the related cost will be charged to ATESEA member school participants.
3.3 100% of the related cost will be charged to non-ATESEA member school participants.

4. Short-term research project of three faculty members of ATESEA member schools with an assistance of USD 1,000 per faculty. The duration of the project shall be not less than two weeks and not more than a month in any school in Asia.

In response to the need for an associate dean due to the continuing expansion of ATU, the Board confirmed the appointment of Dr. Ezra Kok as part-time associate dean of ATU effective April 1, 2015 until December 31, 2017.

In line with this, the Board accepted and approved the resignation of Dr. Kok as treasurer of the Board and the election of Dr. Chuleepran Srisoontorn as the new treasurer of ATESEA BOT effective April 1, 2015. Likewise, Dr. Adiprasetya was appointed as the new member of the ATU Senate in place of Dr. Kok.

The employment of Mrs. Anietesie Palmes as part-time staff of ATESEA was also extended until December 2017.

The next Board meeting will be in Jakarta, Indonesia on August 31 to September 1, 2015.

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