Bachelor of Theology

A.1.1. Purpose of the Degree

The purpose of the BTh program is to prepare students for pastoral leadership in the congregation and other church-related institutions.

A.1.2. Goal of the Program
The goal of this program is to provide students with the general knowledge of the biblical tradition, appreciate the Asian heritage and historical context, develop a clear understanding of pastoral identity and demonstrate leadership both in the religious and community life.

Depending on the polity of the church, the BTh program also intends to prepare students for ordination.

A.1.3. Expectations/Learning Outcomes
The students are expected to demonstrate a certain level of competency in skills and comprehension of the purpose of the program that reflect the mission and objectives of the institution. The learning outcomes for this program are embedded in the curriculum and extra-curricular activities of the school.

A.1.4. Evaluation/Assessment of the Degree Program
The school shall conduct a regular assessment of the degree to evaluate the extent of the alignment of the goals of the degree program to student learning outcomes. The assessment shall also determine the effectiveness of the degree program in terms of the percentage of graduates and their placements.

A.1.5. Curriculum
The curriculum shall demonstrate a balanced distribution of courses that cover the biblical, historical, theological and practical areas of disciplines. It shall emphasize the importance of the development of skills and competencies both in theory and in the practice of the ministry which can be achieved through instructions, both in-campus and out campus supervised ministries.  The spiritual formation is the overarching component of theological education and shall be consciously embedded in the curriculum.

A minimum of 65 credits of theological courses excluding general education courses shall be required.

A.1.6. Duration
Depending on the academic preparation of the students, this degree requires a minimum of four (4) years of full-time academic work.

A.1.7. Admission
Upper secondary graduate

A.1.8. Faculty
In order to operate the Baccalaureate degree program, a minimum of six (6) full-time teachers who hold MTheol and MA degrees shall be required.

A.1.9. Library
A combination of onsite and access to online data bases of not less than 6,000 usable titles shall be required.