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Annual Teachers’ Academy 2016

Annual Teachers’ Academy 2016

On June 19-25, 2016, thirty-one (31) lecturers teaching courses related to the History of Christianity attended the Teachers’ Academy held in Seminari Theoloji Malaysia. This was an opportunity for the said History professors to enhance their knowledge and skills in teaching through presentations, lectures and workshops.

The Academy also became a venue for sharing of ideas on the topics presented and on the new issues raised. This led to a common understanding and deeper collaboration among the ATESEA family and partners.

Selected lecturers shared their “Opportunities and Challenges of Teaching Courses in History of Christianity” through a panel discussion.

The panelists were:

  • Dr. Izak Lattu, Faculty of Theology, Satya Wacana Christian University, Indonesia
  • Rev. Yien Tiong, Cambodia Methodist Bible College, Cambodia
  • Dr. Victor Aguilan, Divinity School, Silliman University, Philippines

In addition, the following guest lecturers were present:


President and Professor of World Christianity at New York Theological Seminary, in New York City.  He is the author of several books, including History of the World Christian Movement, a three-volume project he has written with Scott W. Sunquist.  Over the past several decade, his articles have appeared in a number of journals such as Christianity Today, Christian Century, The Ecumenical Review and The Journal of Pentecostal Studies.

He is the founding editor of The Journal of World Christianity and serves in the editorial board of The Living Pulpit.  Dr. Irvin has held visiting or adjunct appointments at a number of theological schools and universities, including the University of Uppsala in Uppsala, Sweden, and has lectured and preached throughout the world.

In his lecture, he spoke on the following topics:

1. “In the Beginning was the Word:  What Language Do We Use?”
2. “Changing the Religious Paradigm”
3. “Unto the Ends of the Earth in Multi-Directional Ways”


Consultant on Curriculum of Schools and Publishing in the Philippines. He was a former Associate Professor, Curriculum Studies, College of Education, University of the Philippines. He served as Chief, Coordination & Governance Division, Office for Institutional Quality Assurance and Governance, Commission on Higher Education in the Philippines. He has also served as Teaching Assistant (Science Education) Faculty of Education, Ehime University, Japan.

He conducted lecture-workshops on:

1. “Outcome-based Assessment”
2. “Designing Alternative Assessment”
3. “Developing Rubrics for Assessing Learning”

On June 22, the participants had a whole-day exposure trip to Melaka, a UNESCO world heritage site. The visit to the historical sites gave them a preview of the glorious days of Malacca, Malaysia.

The participants expressed that the sessions gave them new insights to the following:

  • the encounter of Christianity and culture
  • changing the religious paradigm
  • local histography of church history in South East Asia
  • rubrics development
  • outcome-based assessment

Furthermore, they were challenged to improve their teaching skills and Church History curriculum in pursuance of quality theological education. Thus, with the new learning and skills gained, and with the realization of the need for change, the participants affirmed that they will impart these to their fellow faculty.

Those attended expressed deep appreciation to the Academy. As one participant stated, “I believe Teachers’ Academy … gives encouragement to lecturers, church leaders, or theologians in Asia in the development of Christian Education.

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