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Adventist International Institute of Advanced Studies
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Lalaan I, Silang, Cavite 4118, Philippines

(63 46) 4144340

Dr. Ginger Ketting-Weller

Dr. Ricardo Gonzales

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Master of Ministry;  Master of Divinity; Master of Arts in Ministry;  Master of Arts in Religion; Master of Theology;  Doctor of Ministry;  Doctor of Philosophy in Religion

July 7-9, 2019

2019-until the next accreditation visit

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This thrust covers the areas of doctoral studies, teaching competencies, and research for the academic development of the faculty among member schools. 

Library provides an essential support to the academic requirements of the institution for excellence. Under this thrust, the theological librarians are given opportunities for professional development. 


The sustainability of the institutional and academic degree programs of the theological institutions is fundamentally tied to strong leadership. This is done through continuing education of leaders who help occupy critical positions to achieve the aims and goals of the institution. 

Research, Publication and Writing are important components of education which reflect the quality of the institution and its public impact.


Membership in the Association is open to institutions regularly engaged in training for Christian ministry in Southeast Asia.

Alphabetical listing of the member schools

List of requirements for those schools/ institutions who would like to apply for membership in ATESEA.