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Dr. Cao earns a doctorate degree

Dr. Cao earns a doctorate degree

Dr. Cao Yong Feng Philip earned his Doctor of Theology degree with the dissertation  entitled “Reading the Wilderness Motif of Deutero-Isaiah and the Mongolian Nomadic Tradition.” As a recipient of the ATESEA Theological Union (ATU) scholarship assistance, he is most grateful and expresses his academic journey:

“My orientation with the Doctor of Theology Program of ATESEA Theological Union has begun with the ATU Methodology Seminar in the Philippines. There, I learned that an Asian theologian has to bear in mind the reality of diversity between cultures, ideologies, and races, as well as the need to respect and show concern for others. I am really grateful that I have been able to study the course Hebrew  Bible and Cross-Cultural Studies under the supervision of Professor Archie Lee. In Divinity School of Chung Chi College, CUHK, being the Centre of Theological Excellence of ATESEA, I benefited from other courses – for example, the Hebrew Bible in Context – which broadened my horizons, and deepened my knowledge. Theology does not build pure and independent scientific theories but rather studies life rooted in culture and faith. This is the aim and content of the Hebrew Bible.

I was born in Inner Mongolia, where I grew up and was educated. This is the background to the choice of my D.Th. dissertation on the comparison between readings in the Hebrew Bible and Mongolian Culture. The wilderness tradition is the core of Mongolian culture and ethnic identity. It exhorts Mongolians to embrace their passion for the nomadic ideal of freedom. The dissertation compares the scope of the perspective of the Mongolian wilderness tradition on one hand, with the ideals of the prophet in Deutero-Isaiah who encourages the Exiles to embrace the idea of the nomadic ideal on the other hand – and to believe in the message of God’s redemption for their further progress.

As anticipated, there were many challenges that had to be overcome in carrying out this part-time research while continuing full-time teaching and ministry at Sabah Theological Seminary in East Malaysia. This proved more than worthwhile, bringing synergy and fresh insights into my teaching and ministry.”

Dr. Cao earned his Master of Theology degree at Singapore Bible College, Singapore (2006) and Master of Arts in Biblical Studies at China Great Commission Centre Theological Seminary (2001). He is currently a Senior Lecturer at Sabah Theological Seminary, Malaysia and a Teaching Pastor of Song En Methodist Church, Sabah, Malaysia.