Accreditation Visit in Indonesia

The new five-year cycle of accreditation visit started in Indonesia on September 9-16, 2018. Sixteen (16) schools were evaluated by the ATESEA Accreditation teams. Eight teams, composed of three members with two external accreditors and one local accreditor were organized. The following schools were visited and evaluated by accreditors from different teams:

  1. STT Reformed Indonesia and STT Cipanas :
    • Dr. Chananporn Jaisaodee
    • Dr. Robert Borrong
    • Dr. Michael Janapin
  1. Jakarta Theological Seminary and STT Abdi Sabda
    • Dr. Edmund Fong
    • Dr. Gloria Mapangdol
    • Dr. Yusak Setyawan
    • Dr. Rahmiati Tanudjaja
  1. Seminari Alkitab Asia Tenggara and STT  Aletheia
    • Dr. Jeaneth Faller
    • Dr. Samuel Wang
    • Dr. Alfius Mutak (SAAT)
    • Dr. Rahmiati Tanudjaja (STT Aletheia)
  1. STT Gereja Methodist Indonesia and STT Huria Kristen Batak Protestan
    • Dr. Wiriya Tipvarankoon
    • Dr. Mona Lisa Siacor
    • Dr. Asigor Sitanggang
  1. STT Abdiel and Fakultas Teologi–UK Satya Wacana
    • Dr. Judy Berinai
    • Dr. Bernabe Pagara
    • Ms. Hilda Putong (UK Satya Wacana)
    • Dr. Izak Lattu (STT Abdiel)
  1. Fakultas Teologi – UK Duta Wacana and Fakultas Teologi – UK Artha Wacana
    • Dr. Reuel Almocera
    • Dr. Sung Kim
    • Dr. Enta Malasinta-Lantigimo
  1. Fakultas Teologi – UK Indonesia Tomohon and Fakultas Teologi -UK Indonesia Maluku
    • Dr. Eleuterio Revollido
    • Dr. Menghun Goh
    • Dr. Asnath Natar
  1. STT GKI Izaak Samuel Kijne and Faculty of Theology of the Halmahera University
    • Dr. Limuel Equina
    • Dr. Augurlion
    • Ptr. Haleluya Timbo Hutabarat

STT Jakarta served as the venue for the accreditation orientation and initial meeting of the teams prior to the actual visit to their assigned institutions. Dr. Joas Adiprasetya, member of the BOT, assisted ATESEA in arranging the complex flight schedules of the accreditors.

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