Accreditation Visit 2016

In the last quarter of 2016, accreditation teams were sent out to look into the academic standards of theological member schools of ATESEA in Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

The following are the member schools accredited and the respective accreditation teams which visited them:

  1. Malaysia

 1.1 .Seminari Theoloji Malaysia (October 2-5)

Dr. Joyce Abugan, ATESEA Board of Trustees

Dr. Asnath Natar, Faculty of Theology,  Duta Wacana Christian University, Indonesia

Dr. Nathaniel Fabula, College of Theology, Central Philippine University, Philippines

Dr. Limuel Equina, ATESEA Executive Director

 1.2  Sabah Theological Seminary (October  5-8)

Dr. Asnath Natar, Faculty of Theology, Duta Wacana Christian University

Dr. Lim Kar Yong, Seminari Theoloji Malaysia

Dr. Limuel Equina, ATESEA Executive Director

1.3 Methodist Theological School (October 5-8)

Dr. Joyce Abugan

Dr. Nathaniel Fabula

Dr. Ezra Kok


 ​​2.1 Bangkok Institute of Theology (October 23-26)

2.2 McGilvary College of Divinity of Payap University (October 26-29)

Dr. Elaine Goh, Dean of Studies, Seminari Theoloji Malaysia

Dr. Boonrat Moolkeo, Lecturer, Dept of Religious Studies, Asia-Pacific International University, Muak Lek, Saraburi Province, Thailand

Dr. Limuel Equina, ATESEA Executive Director

  1. Taiwan

3.1 Tainan Theological College and Seminary (November 20-23)

3.2. Taiwan Adventist College (November 23-26)

Dr. Shu-pin Chiu, Yushan Theological College and Seminary, Taiwan

Dr. Tobias Brandner, Divinity School of Chung Chi College, Hong Kong

Dr. Ezra Kok, ATU/Seminari Theoloji Malaysia

 3.3 Taiwan Baptist Theological Seminary (November 20-23)

 3.4. Yushan Theological College and Seminary (Nov 23-26),

Dr. Wiriya Tipvarakankoon, Bangkok Institute of Theology, Thailand

Dr. Lim Teck Peng, Trinity Theological College, Singapore

Dr. Muriel Orevillo-Montenegro, Divinity School, Silliman University, Philippines

  1. Hong Kong

4.1 Bethel Bible Seminary (December 4-7)

4.2 Chinese Mission Seminary (December 7-10)

Dr. Jeaneth Faller, Academic Dean Divinity School, Silliman University

Dr. Man-Yiu Lee, Associate Dean, Alliance Biblical Seminary  (country)

Dr. Agustinus Setiawidi, Lecturer, Jakarta Theological Seminary, Indonesia

4.3 Divinity School of Chung Chi College (December 4-7)

4.4 China Graduate School of Theology (December 7-10)

Dr. Joyce Abugan, ATESEA

Dr. Tan Loe Joo, Trinity Theological College, Singapore

Dr. Dieter Mitternacht, Lecturer, Lutheran Theological Seminary, Hong Kong

4.5  Ming Hua Theological College (December 4-7)

4.6. Lutheran Theological Seminary (December 7-10)

Dr. Judy Berinai, Academic Dean, Sabah Theological Seminary

Dr. Onn Liang, Academic Dean Hong Kong Adventist College

Dr. Limuel Equina, ATESEA

Dr. Joshua Cho, President of HK Baptist Theological College

The Hong Kong Baptist Theological Seminary is scheduled for accreditation visit on January 17-20, 2017.



Bangkok Institute of Theology

Methodist Theological School

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