Müller-Krüger Award granted to Dr. Lantigimo

Dr. Enta Malasinta Lantigimo is the recipient of the Müller-Krüger Award for her dissertation: Menemukan Posisi Antara –  Sebuah Studi Komparatif Kekuasaan Mutlak Tuhan dan Kehendak Bebas Manusia dalam Takdir dan Predestinasi (In Search of In-Between Position – A Comparative Study on God’s Absolute Power and Man’s Free Will in Takdir and Predestination). Every two years, the United Evangelical Mission (UEM), in close coordination with Eukumindo (European Working Group for Ecumenical Relations with Indonesia) in which UEM is a member,  and STT Jakarta grant this award to one or two Indonesians who wrote the best dissertation(s). This was given in honor of Prof. Dr. Theodor Müller-Krüger, a church historian and former missionary of UEM, and also the first President of STT Jakarta.

Dr. Enta Malasinta Lantigimo was conferred the Doctor of Theology degree at STT Jakarta inSeptember 2016 under the ATESEA Theological Union (ATU) scholarship.

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