Membership Application

Application for membership in the Association for Theological Education in South East Asia (ATESEA) is made to the Executive Director who will submit it to the Board of Trustees for action.

Please submit the documents below:

1. Brief History of the School
2. Vision and Mission Statements
3. Goals and Objectives
4. Board of Governance
5. Administrative Staff (names, degrees, dates, addresses of schools where the degrees were obtained, Area of Specialization)

a. President/Principal
b. Deans/Vice Presidents
c. Registrar
d. Directors, etc

6. Faculty (names, degrees, dates, addresses of schools where the degrees were obtained, Area of Specialization)
7. Application Procedures
8. General Regulations
9. Degree Programmes

a. Entrance Requirements
b. Degree Requirements
c. List of Courses

10. Financial Information

a. Fees (Tuition, miscellaneous fees)
b. Recommended allowance per semester (books, pocket money)
c. Other information (health insurance, etc.)

11. Scholarships
12. Physical Plant

a. Teaching Facilities
b. Library Facilities
c. Housing of Faculty
d. Housing of Students
e. Recreation Facilities
f. Other facilities

12. Annual budget
13. Recommendations

a. Letter of Approval from the Governing Board of school for membership in ATESEA.
b. Endorsement of the National Theological Association, if applicable.

14. If the school is already a member of another accrediting agency, the school should state the reasons for wanting membership with two accreditation associations.
15. An undertaking to abide by the aims and regulations of ATESEA and to pay annual membership dues.
16. An undertaking to pay admission fee which is the same amount as the annual membership dues.

Countries Annual Dues
  • Australia, Bangladesh, Cambodia,
    Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Vietnam
Minimum of US$ 300
  • Indonesia, Philippines
Minimum of US$ 400
  • Malaysia, Thailand
Minimum of US$ 500
  • Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan
Minimum of US$ 700

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