Membership in the Association is open to institution regularly engaged in training for Christian ministry in South East Asia and those institutions involved in theological education in South East Asia such as research and study center, lay training institutes, and theological education by extension centers.

Regular membership is open to aforementioned institution which are located within the South East Asia Region and participate actively in the programs of the association.Associate membership is open to institutions regularly engaged in training for Christian ministry outside of the South East Asia region which actively seek the help, and may contribute to the work of the association.

Affiliate membership is open to institution regular engaged in training for Christian Ministry outside of the South East Asia region who purposely seek membership for fellowship with the member schools of the Association without being committed to participating actively in its programs.

Application for membership is made to the Executive Director who will submit to the Membership Commission which shall act on such application subject to the confirmation of the Board of Trustees or the General Assembly.

Each member shall pay annual dues as prescribed by the General Assembly, attend the sessions of the General Assembly, and participate in regional, sub-regional, area, or national consultations when invited.

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