Master of Arts in Academic Discipline/Master of Theological Studies

C.  Basic Master’s Degree Programs for General Theological Studies

C.1. Purpose of the Degree
This degree aims at providing students with a general understanding of theological disciplines for general educational purposes at the graduate study level. The program also prepares the students for advanced graduate study and for teaching in the area of discipline. The nomenclature of the specific academic discipline for this degree program may be decided by the institution depending on the purpose of the program that reflects the institutional culture.

C.2. Primary Goal of the Program
The goal of the program focuses on the general understanding of theological disciplines, or on the specific area of discipline/knowledge that helps achieve the overall purpose of the program.

C.3. Expectations/Learning Outcomes
Students show a clear understanding of the varied theological disciplines or specific area of discipline and competence in academic research.

C.4. Evaluation/Assessment of the Degree Program
The school shall conduct a regular assessment of the degree to evaluate the extent of the alignment of the goals of the degree program to student learning outcomes. The assessment shall also determine the effectiveness of the degree program in terms of the percentage of graduates and their placements.

C.5. Curriculum
The content of the program is determined by the specific area of discipline/knowledge. Most of the courses are academic, not professional, and will cover an in-depth knowledge of the varied theological disciplines or interdisciplinary knowledge.

A minimum of 42 credits and a thesis in the area of specialization shall be required. If the program offers a non-thesis track, additional six (6) credit hours in the area of specialization with an expanded special research paper and a comprehensive examination shall be required.

Courses under this program shall be conducted in the campus. Approved online courses may be allowed on a limited basis with the condition that the program shall demonstrate the students and faculty engaging in a regular and substantive learning interaction.

C.6. Duration
Depending on the academic preparation of the students, this degree requires two (2) years of full-time academic work.

C.7. Admission
Students admitted in these degree programs hold recognized baccalaureate degrees with 72 credits of theological courses, and possess academic and personal qualities for the graduate-level degrees they are applying for.

C.8. Faculty
 In order to operate the master’s degree programs, a minimum of six (6) full-time teachers either with MTheol or PhD/DTheol degrees shall be required.

C.9. Library
A combination of onsite and access to online data bases of not less than 8,000 usable titles shall be required.

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