Board of Trustees’ Meeting (December 2016)

BOT Meeting December 2016

Board meets in Chang Mai, Thailand

The ATESEA Board of Trustees convened in Church of Christ in Thailand at Chang Mai, Thailand on December 2-3, 2016 for its regular meeting. The deliberation was attended by Dr. Ngoei Foong Nghian, Chairperson; Dr. Simon Chow, Vice President; Dr. Chuleepran Srisoontorn, Treasurer; Dr. Joyce Abugan, Secretary; Dr. Joas Adiprasetya, Asst. Treasurer; Dr. Ezra Kok, ATU Associate Dean; and members: Dr. Samuel Ngun Ling, Dr. Karolina Augustien Kaunang, Dr. Kapi Ching; and Dr. Limuel Equina, Executive Director. Dr. H.S. Wilson, FTESEA Executive Director was also present. Ms. Sheila Tipon, Admin Assistant to the Executive Director, served as the recording secretary.

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