Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)/Doctor of Theology (DTheol)

F. Advanced Programs for Theological Research and Teaching II

F.1. Purpose of the Program
The purpose of the PhD and D.Theol. degrees is to provide students with advanced understanding and mastery of a specific area of theological discipline for teaching and research in theological schools and other institutions.

F.2. Goals of the Program
The goal of the program is to equip students with competence to engage in original research and writing in the discipline, critical knowledge of theological and other cognate disciplines that promote scholarship and fuller understanding of theological knowledge for the benefit of the ministry of church, academy and society.

F.3. Expectations/Learning Outcomes
The program shall demonstrate learning outcomes that reflect the goal(s) of the program and show evidence of students’ fuller mastery and competency in the area of discipline.

F.4. Evaluation/Assessment of the Degree Program
The school shall conduct a regular assessment of the degree to evaluate the extent of the alignment of the goals of the degree program to student learning outcomes. The assessment shall also determine the effectiveness of the degree program in terms of the percentage of graduates and their placements.

F.5. Curriculum
The program shall provide a logical sequence of advanced courses for the area of discipline with special emphasis on theological research and teaching. At least one ancient and an additional of one or more modern languages relevant to the area of studies shall be required. A comprehensive examination and the writing of a doctoral dissertation shall be required.

F.6. Admission
Admission is open to students with a recognized MTheol or first rate Master’s degree (which will be determined by the institution) and possessing the intellectual capacity for intensive scholarly studies.

F.7. Duration
These programs require completion within a minimum of three (3) years and a maximum of six (6) years.

F.8. Faculty
In order to operate the DTheol/PhD degree programs, a minimum of eight (8) full-time teachers with PhD/DTheol degrees shall be required.

F.9. Library
A combination of onsite and access to online data bases of not less than 30,000 usable titles shall be required.

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