Doctor of Ministry (DMin)

E. Advanced Program for Ministerial Leadership

E.1. Purpose of the Degree
The purpose of the Doctor of Ministry degree is to enrich the ministerial competencies of students who have M.Div., or its equivalent degree, and have been involved extensively in the ministry of the congregation and church-related institutions for a considerable period of time.

E.2. Primary Goal of the Program
The goal of this program is to enhance the students’ understanding of the ministry, advance their capacity for research, skills in leadership and integrative knowledge in the practice of the varied ministries such as preaching, teaching, pastoral care, administration, mission and

other forms of ministries and improve their personal growth in the conduct of their profession.

E.3. Expectations/Learning Outcomes
Students under this degree program can show the ability to integrate advanced knowledge of theological disciplines in the practice of the ministry, demonstrate ministerial leadership and competence and growth in spiritual maturity.

E.4. Evaluation/Assessment of the Degree Program
The school shall conduct a regular assessment of the degree to evaluate the extent of the alignment of the goals of the degree program to student learning outcomes. The assessment shall also determine the effectiveness of the degree program in terms of the percentage of graduates and their placements.

E.5. Curriculum
The curriculum for the DMin program includes graduate-level of theological disciplines needed for a critical understanding and knowledge of the ministries where theoretical knowledge is correlated with the practice of the ministry or vice versa.

The development of skills for competencies in certain areas of ministry is required. Knowledge of research methods (either qualitative or quantitative) will be useful.

A minimum of 45 credits and a completion of a written doctoral level project that will contribute to the enhancement of knowledge in the professional degree shall be required. The project should show the candidate’s capacity to conduct research project on a doctoral level.

E.6. Duration
The DMin program requires completion within a minimum of three (3) years and a maximum of six (6) years.

E.7. Admission
Students with recognized Master’s degrees or their educational equivalencies, which will be determined by the institution, shall be admitted in the program.  Ministerial experiences cannot be used as a substitute for the master’s degree equivalency.

At least three (3) years of ministerial experiences after completion of MDiv, or its equivalent degree, are required for admission.

E.8. Faculty
In order to operate the DMin degree program, a minimum of eight (8) full-time teachers with PhD/DTheol degrees shall be required.

E.9. Library
A combination of onsite and access to online data bases of not less than 30,000 usable titles shall be required.

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