Accreditation Visits 2015

Eighteen (18) member schools in Myanmar were visited by Nine (9) accreditation teams on Nov. 16 – 20, and Nov. 27 – Dec. 5, 2015.

This visit was part of the comprehensive evaluation of the institutional and degree programs of the following schools:

1. Asho Chin Theological Seminary
2. Bethel Theological Seminary
3. Chin Christian College
4. Chin Christian Institute of Theology
5. Holy Cross Theological College
6. Kachin Theological College
7. Karen Baptist Theological Seminary
8. Ko Tha Byu Theological Seminary
9. Lahu Theological Seminary
10. Lisu Theological Seminary
11. Myanmar Institute of Christian Theology
12. Myanmar Institute of Theology
13. Myanmar Theological College
14. Pwo Kayin Theological Seminary
15. Shan State Baptist Theological Seminary
16. Tahan Theological College
17. Tedim Theological College
18. Union Theological College

Dr. Lal Tin Here, Executive Secretary of the Association for Theological Education in Myanmar (ATEM), assisted the teams in the travel, lodging, and accommodation arrangements prior to and during the visit. FTESEA Executive Director, Dr. H.S. Wilson, also joined in the visit to member schools.

The Accreditation Team members were:

Team 1

  • Dr. Eh Tar Gay (Myanmar Institute of Theology)
  • Dr. Ngurliana (Myanmar Theological College)
  • Dr. Lalramzauva (Tahan Theological College)

Team 2

  • Dr. Remwil Tornalejo (Adventist International Institute of Advance Studies)
  • Dr. Judy Berinai (Sabah Theological Seminary)
  • Dr. Joel Za Hlei Kap (Chin Christian Institute of Theology)

Team 3

  • Dr. Kapi Cheng (Yu-Shan Theological College and Seminary)
  • Dr. Jeaneth Faller (Siliman University Divinity School)
  • Dr. Henry Siang Kung (Chin Christian University)

Team 4

  • Dr. Chananporn Jaisaode (McGilvary Divinity College of Payap University)
  • Dr. Van Zing (Myanmar Institute of Theology)
  • Saw John Thet Lwin (Holy Cross Theological College)

Team 5

  • Dr. Joseph Komar (Malaysia Theological Seminary)
  • Dr. Lal Tin Hre (Association for Theological Education in Myanmar)
  • Dr. Asigor Sitanggang (Jakarta Theological Seminary)

Team 6

  • Dr. Joyce Abugan (Philippine Baptist Theological Seminary)
  • Dr. Wann Fanwar (Asia-Pacific International University)
  • Dr. Ngurliana (Myanmar Theological College)

Team 7

  • Rev. Dr Daniel Koh (Trinity Theological College)
  • Dr. Chuleepran (McGilvary Divinity College of Payap University)
  • Saya Saw Taylor (Karen Baptist Theological College)

Team 8

  • Dr. HS Wilson (FTESEA)
  • Dr. Limuel Equina (ATESEA)
  • Mr Allan Po (Myanmar Institute of Theology)

Team 9

  • Dr. Nathaniel Fabula (College of Theology, Central Philippine University)
  • Dr. Edwin Tay (Trinity Theological College)
  • Saw Kloo Htoo (Myanmar Institute of Theology) 

Orientation for Accreditors

Asho Chin Theological Seminary

Karen Baptist Theological Seminary

Kachin Theological College and Seminary

Myanmar Institute of Theology

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